The deliberate ambiguity of America’s “one China” policy can’t last, as Ellen Bork makes clear from a recent example:

[L]ast Saturday, China was working hard to keep Washington from allowing the freely expressed sentiments of the Taiwanese to influence American policy. China’s foreign minister,Li Zhaoxing,called Secretary of State Powell on the telephone, pressing him “to stick to the one-China policy.” According to a Chinese government spokesman, Mr. Powell “reiterated U.S. support for Beijing’s insistence that Taiwan is a part of one China, governed by the mainland,” deliberately misstating American policy.

A rebuttal from Washington would be helpful. The “one China” policy America adheres to does not accept that Beijing governs Taiwan. American policy seeks the peaceful resolution of the conflict and neither supports nor opposes Taiwan’s independence.

Wasn’t it George W. Bush who’s been saying we’re going to support free nations across the globe? So much for that idea.

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