From a BBC News report that “Spain may withdraw Iraq troops” (the BBC link to the piece is labeled “Spain ‘to withdraw Iraq troops'”):

Spain has more than 1,300 troops in Iraq Spain’s Socialist Party prime minister-elect says he will pull troops out of Iraq – unless the UN takes charge.

This is because the U.N.–led by the French and Germans–has done such an excellent job in Rwanda, Bosnia, and the rest of the world.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said: “The war in Iraq was a disaster, the occupation of Iraq is a disaster.”

If Saddam had won apparently it would have been a “success”? Since Iraq has not been turned over to the theocratic mobsters it is a disaster?

He called for a grand international alliance against terror and an end to “unilateral wars.”

Yes we need Zimbabwe, North Korea, and the French to take part.

The Socialists won a shock poll victory after voters appeared to turn on the government over its handling of the Madrid bombings that killed 200 people. Spain, with more than 1,300 troops in Iraq, supported the US-led war on Iraq despite much domestic opposition. He made clear that he would withdraw Spanish troops in Iraq if the United Nations did not take charge of running the country…

Because the U.N. worked their damn hardest to protect Saddam and undermine the freeing of the Iraqi people from the Middle East’s Adolph Hitler?

Observe how the Germans and the French absolutely love the Iraqi dictator Saddam (Saddam enslaved people like the German dictator Hitler) in comparison to the American President Bush (Bush freed people from the Iraqi Hitler Saddam) judging by their vitriol against Bush. You’d think after starting two world wars “Old Europe” would have learned that the appeasement of dictators–and their terrorist brethren–only further emboldens the terrorist (a dictator without government powers).

He said the soldiers would be pulled out if there was no change in Iraq by the 30 June deadline for transfer of sovereignty.

Sovereignty to whom? Saddam’s remaining loyalists? The Shites operating under instructions from Tehran? How will such sovereignty be maintained?

On the face of it, the Spainairds comments are a real French way to weasel out, because as “[BBC] Our world affairs correspondent, Paul Reynolds, says that the situation in Iraq may well have changed by 30 June….”. Continuing,

“Wars such as those which have occurred in Iraq only allow hatred, violence and terror to proliferate,” Mr Zapatero said earlier on Monday.

Is this because Mr. Zapatero thinks that Saddam was a man of love, peace, and charity before America’s George W. Bush attacked him? What of the millions of Iraqi mothers who had their sons and daughters tortured, raped, and slaughtered?

…the US and UK hope that the Security Council will have given UN approval to the handover plan.

That is, since the US and the UK are on the Security Council, they (the US and UK) are hoping their diplomats have kissed enough French and German-behinds.

…the late swing to the Socialists raises one disturbing thought – if al-Qaeda was responsible for Thursday’s attacks, it appears to have had significant influence in changing the government of a leading Western democracy.

What is disturbing is not the influence of al-Qaeda which is powerless against the West, but the Western intellectuals who disarm and undermine al-Qaeda’s estern pro-freedom opponents.

…A videotaped claim of responsibility by a man identifying himself as al-Qaeda’s military spokesman in Europe forced the government to change its stance on the most likely suspects. The tape — claiming revenge for Spain’s “collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies” — was found in a litter bin on Saturday following a tip-off to a TV station.

Observe that the bulk of the vitriol for the bombings is against the U.S. and not the terrorists. ‘Old Europe’ lives.


Observe the comments posted on the BBC site by those who live in Europe, as compared to those comments posted by those who live in the Middle East:

It doesn’t surprise me at all, in Spain like the UK there was a lot of anti-war feeling. I just hope that the terrorists who planted the bombs last week see this as a victory – Spain pulling it troops out, but that Bush and Blair see it as a warning. One down two to go.
Scott Herbert, Leicester

The Terrorists, whoever they are, must be delighted that their actions have had such a successful impact on the democratic process. They will no doubt be encouraged and continue with this strategy.
Ian Leake, Dubai, UAE

Very surprised. This is a victory for terrorism. The Arab Islamic terrorists will be encouraged that their strategy for world domination and subjugation works. More bombings will follow in Europe and elsewhere.
Jamil Baroody, Saudi Arabia

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