The New York Sun on Ralph Nader:

He revisited NBC to appear yesterday morning to appear on “The Today Show.” Went on Disney-ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Appeared on AOL-Time Warner’s CNN for “Inside Politics,” hit Microsoft-GE outlet MSNBC for “Hardball,” and returned to CNN at day’s end for an interview on “Paula Zahn Now” ….

Doesn’t Mr. Nader read his own Web site? “The mass media in the United States is extremely concentrated, and the messages that they send are too broadly uniform. Six global corporations control more than half of all mass media in our country: newspapers, magazines, books, radio and television.Our democracy is being swamped by the confluence of money, politics and concentrated media.”

But the uniform concentration of “mass media” doesn’t seem to have prevented Mr. Nader from getting a platform to get his message out. Indeed, anyone with a television at the end of the day yesterday would have to wonder what Mr. Nader could possibly be complaining about.

One of many reasons Mr. Nader’s message will never resonate with more than a tiny sliver of the American population is that ordinary people understand that corporations create jobs, wealth, and innovation…. And Mr. Nader surely has enough experience with the press to understand–even if he won’t acknowledge it publicly–that despite the specter of mindless minions marching in lockstep to the orders of the almighty dollar, stations and newspapers and Web sites are run by individuals–by journalists, editors, and producers with their own brains, ambitions, standards, strengths, and weaknesses.

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