Really, what good is the FCC anyway? As Mark Steyn comments:

When I was asked what I thought of the huge boob exposed in prime time, I thought it was a reference to Al Sharpton not knowing what the Federal Reserve was in that candidates’ debate….

…I enjoy [breasts] when they turn up on BBC costume dramas and when you’re driving through France enjoying the topography and they pop up on billboards so you can enjoy the topoffgraphy. There’s something to be said for the relaxed Continental approach to nudity. There’s nothing to be said for the hollow joyless mechanical pop culture trash of the Super Bowl show: It was sleazy and worthless when it was fully clothed.

Nonetheless, I don’t see why we need a government investigation. Unlike Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, the existence of Janet Jackson’s breast is not in doubt. We know where it is, there have been verified sightings; we’re not relying on faulty intelligence and grainy satellite imagery….

[W]hat will be accomplished by a government investigation? Eventually, the FCC will issue a ruling and, if we’re lucky, it won’t be quite as ridiculous as their pronouncement on Bono’s recent use of the f-word, which the FCC deemed permissible because he was using it adjectivally. If the point of these FCC investigations is to maintain standards of decency, then clearly they’ve been a colossal flop.

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