Education secretary Rod Paige recently caused a big to-do when he called the National Education Association a “terrorist organization”:

A spokeswoman for presidential contender John Kerry called Paige’s remarks “inappropriate, particularly at a time when our nation has experienced the devastation caused by terrorism.” Kerry’s chief competitor, John Edwards, called Paige’s words “grossly offensive.” [USA Today]

Then again, in 1996, John Kerry

… commenting on the federal government shutdown, called the House Republicans “legislative terrorists” … Asked about his terrorist comment, Kerry said, “Terrorists hold hostages, and the Republicans are holding the government hostage.” [Free Republic]

And then there’s Mrs. Kerry just the other day:

“What has been most damaging, I think, to all of us about many of the actions in this administration has been the cynicism with which they have perpetrated their positions and with which they have used us to trap us and to, in a sense, terrorize us because they paralyze us,” Mrs.Kerry said. [NYSun]

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