From Cox and Forkum:

CNN reported this weekend: Kerry calls Bush ‘extreme’ and out of touch.

“In the face of the Bush administration’s failures, we know what kind of campaign the Bush attack machine will run,” Kerry said. “They did it to my friend John McCain in South Carolina in 2000. They did it to my friend Max Cleland in Georgia in 2002. Well, it’s not going to work in 2004, for a very simple reason: They’re extreme. We’re mainstream, and we’re going to stand up and fight back.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured an op-ed with a contrasting opinion on how “mainstream” some of Kerry’s ideas are: Kerry no hero in eyes of Vietnam-era veteran. (Via PowerLine)

According to the Globe, Kerry became involved in the anti-war movement upon his return, and asked for and received an early discharge from the Navy so he could continue those efforts. How could Kerry so easily abandon his comrades in Vietnam, and then, 30 years on, call on those same men and women to back his presidential ambition? Kerry now holds himself up as a war hero and asks for my vote. Yet, 30 years ago he stood with Jane Fonda and gave aid and comfort to an enemy still killing our brother veterans by the hundreds. Bush’s honorable service in the National Guard bothers me less than Kerry’s abandonment of his brothers, his switching sides and his active contribution to an enemy’s efforts to kill Americans.

Here’s a picture of the cover of Kerry’s 1971 book The New Soldier.

Mark Steyn on Kerry and Vietnam: Kerry won’t scare any of the big beasts.

The only relevant lesson from Vietnam is this: then, as now, it was not possible for the enemy to achieve military victory over the US; their only hope was that America would, in effect, defeat itself. And few men can claim as large a role in the loss of national will that led to that defeat as John Kerry. A brave man in Vietnam, he returned home to appear before Congress and not merely denounce the war but damn his “band of brothers” as a gang of rapists, torturers and murderers led by officers happy to license them to commit war crimes with impunity. He spent the Seventies playing Jane Fonda and he now wants to run as John Wayne.

Kerry is also touting himself as a populist candidate, but how “mainstream” is Kerry’s net worth? This New York Post editorial puts things in perspective: The Real Kerry. (Via InstaPundit)

Kerry lives in a mansion on Beacon Hill on which he has borrowed $6 million to finance his campaign. A fire hydrant that prevented him and his wife from parking their SUV in front of their tony digs was removed by the city of Boston at his behest. The Kerrys ski at a spa the widow Heinz owns in Aspen, and they summer on Nantucket in a sprawling seaside “cottage” on Hurlbert Avenue […] It’s a wonderful life these days for John Kerry. He sails Nantucket Sound in “the Scaramouche,” a 42-foot Hinckley powerboat. Martha Stewart has a similar boat; the no-frills model reportedly starts at $695,000. Sen. Kerry bought it new, for cash.

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