The New York Sun’s Adam Daifallah notes how America’s bureaucrats treat pro-freedom, Western-oriented Arabs:

Whenever these rare leaders happen upon the scene America bends over backward to throw sticks in their wheels…. Most amazing about [Palestinian banker Issam] Abu Issa’s plight is how eerily it parallels that of another well-known Arab democracy advocate: Iraqi Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi. Mr. Chalabi was also a successful banker. He was also an outspoken opponent of an Arab dictator, Saddam Hussein. And his bank was also seized….America’s approach is to hang them out to dry. Mr. Abu Issa can’t even enter the country, and Mr. Chalabi is right now fending for himself in Baghdad amidst a sea of Islamist- and Gulf-state supported politicians posturing for power in post-war Iraq. America is refusing to take sides in post-war Iraqi politics…. Two conclusions can be drawn from these cases. First, if you’re an Arab who believes in democracy, you had better think twice about a career in banking. Second, and certainly more sadly, America won’t be there standing by your side in times of need.

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