From Cox and Forkum:

Reuters reported yesterday that Bush Denounces Iran Elections. President Bush’s comments are welcome, but we’d prefer not only stronger words, but more than words. Here’s what mere words have gotten us so far: More nuclear signs tied to Iran. Two good editorials regarding the Iranian “elections” are at Iran Va Jahan. Michael Ledeen writes about The Great Iranian Election Fiasco.

Even for a regime that excels in deception, the announcement by the Iranian government that nearly half the eligible voters cast their ballots in Friday’s election is an extraordinary bit of effrontery. And even those Western “news” outlets that decided to pronounce the turnout “low” (the BBC, of course, echoed the party line by talking about a large turnout), did so by comparing the official numbers with those of the last parliamentary election, when more than 60 percent voted for the toothless “reformers.” The real numbers are a tiny fragment of the official ones. […]
Oddly, the wild distortion of the real results does show something that the mullahs do not want us to know. They fear the Iranian people, knowing how deeply the people hate them, and they believe they must continue to tell a big lie about popular support for the regime. But the people know better. […]

For those interested in exposing hypocrisy, it is hard to find a better example than all those noble souls who denounced Operation Iraqi Freedom as a callous operation to gain control over Iraqi oil, but who remain silent as country after country, from Europe to Japan, appeases the Iranian tyrants precisely in order to win oil concessions.

And from The Wall Street Journal: The Iranian Deception.

Now is precisely the time for Mr. Bush to show solidarity with the majority of Iranians who want greater freedom, just as Ronald Reagan spoke up for the people of Poland in the early 1980s. The only way to stop Iran’s despotic regime from getting nuclear weapons is to help Iranians change the regime. […] By the way, does Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage still think Iran is operating a “democracy,” as he noted not long ago? Just checking.

Meanwhile, Reporters Without Borders reports that the Iranian theocracy is censoring opposition Web sites. Iran Va Jahan features an excellent, must-read editorial by an Iranian student: Our Victory.

You will have to excuse us Iranians for our lack of sympathy for these so-called reformers: Just ask yourself, as we ask ourselves, where they were while Iranian youths were being beaten, tortured, abducted, maimed, and deprived of their legitimate rights to continue their university studies. But despite our disappointment with the Khatamists, Iranians were nevertheless given an occasion for joy and pride on February 20, the date of our most recent elections, and of the momentous boycott of them. It will be remembered in the history of my nation, because on that day, Iranians showed again that we have the resolve to clear “Islamic mullahism” from our homeland once and for all. We have decided that our children must not be tormented as we have been.
Throughout the day on February 20, I went to different parts of Tehran to observe for myself what was going on at the polling stations. To my great pleasure, there were only few people at any of them. Although the regime had done its best to urge everyone to participate in the elections, brave Iranians were far more determined to tell the world and the regime, again, that they are tired, and are on the verge of achieving their much longed-for change. Iranians abstained from the elections not because of the prohibition against Khatamist candidates, but because we — almost all of us this time — have finally realized that our goal can only be achieved “over” the Islamic republic, not “through” it. The vision of tomorrow’s secular Iran will prevail, and soon. With or without the rest of the world’s help, we are determined to paralyze and eventually oust the militants of the Islamic regime. This weekend showed that our efforts have nearly, after all this time, borne the fruit we have striven for all these years: freedom.

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