How’s this for cynical whitewashing of tyranny and amoral stability-worship:

Commerzbank, Germany’s third largest bank… seemed particularly eager to curry favor with Tehran. At a session on “fiscal framework, regulations and contracts,” Commerzbank’s representative at the conference, Richard Greer said, “Since that moment in 1908 when oil was found in Iran, great benefits have passed on to the people of that country, despite great difficulties and foreign aggression.” He later said, “At Commerzbank we see Iran as an island of stability.

Mr. Greer later recounted a story from his recent trip to Iran. As he was discussing the current turmoil in the Middle East with his hosts, one Iranian official remarked, “We have already had our revolution.” Mr. Greer then remarked, “That stability we see in Iran is a product of that revolution.”

The 1979 revolution that brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power was followed the following year by the outbreak of war with Iraq and the beginning of Iran’s relationship with Hezbollah and campaign to assassinate former high ranking officials from the Shah’s government living abroad.

When asked whether he believed the demonstration of July 9, 2003, to commemorate the five year anniversary of the state’s crackdowns on student protesters, was a possible sign of instability, Mr. Greer was dismissive. “The July 9 demonstrations is a sign of letting off steam. Half the population is very young and there is high unemployment.” [NYSun, Jan 29, 2004]

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