A New York Sun lead editorial says about all that needs to be said about John Kerry:

[I]f Tuesday night was an indicator of where the Kerry campaign is headed, we predict the senator from Massachusetts is in for a rocky ride. And not only because the message is weak, in a country where lots of us enjoy miracle cures and cheap gasoline because of “the drug companies” and “big oil,” and where a lot of middle-class workers have retirement accounts or union pension funds swelled with stock in energy and drug companies. But because the messenger is, well, hampered by his own circumstances.

How John Forbes Kerry can credibly campaign against “the economy of privilege” is beyond us. He was in Skull and Bones at Yale. He lives in a $10 million townhouse on Louisburg Square in Boston’s Beacon Hill. He summers in Nantucket. Forbes estimated his net worth at $550 million, more than Jay Rockefeller.

Maybe between the guilty rich and the angry poor Mr. Kerry can cobble together a coalition to defeat Mr. Bush in November.Our guess is that there are far more of a third category of people–optimists who are happy that America is a place where hard workers with some luck can build vast fortunes. [January 29, 2004]

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