Here is a clear example of supporting our enemies and keeping them alive, even a purported member of the “Axis of Evil” such as North Korea:

The State Department on Wednesday announced 60,000 metric tons of American food will be sent to North Korea to help avert hunger and starvation. Spokesman Richard Boucher said the decision was based on reports from the World Food Program’s executive director, James Morris, that some 4 million North Koreans were vulnerable and in need of contributions….The donation of 60,000 tons brings the total of U.S. contributions for the year to 100,000. The Bush administration has said it keeps consideration of North Korea’s humanitarian needs separate from differences with the reclusive regime on its weapons programs.

We’ll never win against any of these countries if we keep them alive with 100,000 metric tons of food. They wanted Communism, let their workers paradise produce their own food.

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