Most Iranian ministers and vice presidents have submitted resignations in protest of “reformist” candidates being barred from upcoming elections. But at least some Iranians are not expecting the officials to follow through.
Pakistan is beginning to detain nuclear scientists suspected of selling its nuclear secrets to countries such as Iran and Libya.
French journalist Michel Gurfinkiel writes an extensive report on just how bad antisemitism has become in France.
Conservatives feel uncomfortable fighting to uphold self-interest, so they are always looking for ways to cast their policies as altruistic. The latest is their realization that environmentalism harms the Third World (which it does) and their resulting crusade against “eco-imperialism.”
Amity Shlaes recounts the history of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget Act of 1985–“a sort of crude chastity belt for Congress”–and why today’s Democrats are waving its banner.

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