GOP Demands Censorship of Moveon Ad Comparing Bush with Hitler Once again, the comparison of Bush with Hitler strikes terror in the hearts of Republicans – because they know how close it cuts to the truth. A proposed TV ad submitted by a Moveon member had RNC chair Ed Gillespie spitting bullets. According to Drudge, Moveon removed the ad from its contest – one more victory for GOP censorship, bringing us ever closer to a Nazi dictatorship.

Censorship is speech blocked by physical force–such as when the government physically prevents you from presenting your views (See NY Times Commentator has a Confused Concept of Censorship, The Censorship Smokescreen, and Censorship on Campus? Time to Privatize America’s Universities). MoveOn voluntarily removed the ad from their site–no gun or prison sentence was required. Censorship is not the removal of an ad because the advertiser is actually embarrassed by the ad’s content. If thinks the ad is so truthful perhaps they should place it on their front page?

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