Affirmative action is illegal in Washington State due to a citizen’s initiative, I-200, which was passed in 1998. It is the only state besides California that has explicitly outlawed affirmative action. Unfortunately…

…Gov. Gary Locke hopes to see race as a factor in Washington’s state university admissions process. “I support modifying I-200 to allow for consideration of race without set-asides or quotas,” Locke said at his first news conference of the planned 60-day legislative session that started Monday. Washington state voters passed I-200 in 1998, prohibiting government entities from discriminating or granting preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.

…Locke wants to change the law to make it consistent with the high court ruling and because he believes diversity is important to education. [Daily Herald]

Intellectual diversity is important. So-called mandatory racial diversity is racism. Comments Capitalism Magazine reader B. Harburg-Thomson:

Governor Locke said he’s against quotas, and wants a more ‘qualitative’ approach. Apparantly ‘qualitative’ apartheid is OK with Democrats like Locke.

But, it sure isn’t good for America.

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