From FoxNews [“World Leaders Thrilled at Saddam’s Capture”, December 14, 2003]:

…Iraq’s interim government has established a special tribunal to try Saddam and other members of his regime for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The United States still hasn’t decided what to do with Saddam, though Blair said Saddam could be “tried in Iraqi courts for his crimes against the Iraqi people.” Ahmad Chalabi , a member of Iraq’s Governing Council, said Saddam would be tried.

…In Yemen, Mohammed Abdel Qader Mohammadi, 50, said he was surprised Saddam didn’t fight his capture. “I expected him to resist or commit suicide before falling into American hands. He disappointed a lot of us, he’s a coward.”

…The Spanish government, another supporter of the war, also hailed the news. “The time has come for him to pay for his crimes,” said Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, an outspoken supporter of the war to oust Saddam, despite widespread opposition at home. “He is responsible for the killing of millions of people over the last 30 years. He is a threat to his people and to the entire world,” Aznar said.

And the French? From Cox and Forkum:

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