Writes Mark Steyn in The Irish Times, December 15th 2003 on “Another Setback for Bush”:

…[Senator John Kerry urged that] now would be an excellent opportunity to hand everything over to the UN, the Hague, the Arab League, the Westchester County League of Women Voters, and other respected bodies. Kerry doesn’t get it: if it had been left to Kofi Annan, the French, Germans, Russians, Canadians, Arabs and all but two of the nine Democratic Presidential candidates, Saddam Hussein wouldn’t be being inspected for lice by American medics, he’d still be sitting on his solid gold toilet in his palace reading about the latest massive anti-Bush demonstrations in Le Monde. The Iraqi people don’t want to place their future in the hands of an “international community” that found it more convenient to allow Saddam to go on torturing them.

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