In a disgusting op-ed titled “Why We Fight: Iraq From the Other Side” the Ted Rall summarizes the views of the Anti-American-Left, in the form of a fictional letter by a pro-Saddam terrorist–I mean “freedom fighter.” His goal is to attack what good, pro-American elements there are in George Bush’s foreign policy–what he does do is show how similar the Far Left’s views are to those terrorists who hate America.

Quoting Ted Rall:

…Thank you for joining the Iraqi resistance forces…Our leaders include generals of President Saddam Hussein’s secular government as well as fundamentalist Islamists….we must kill as many Americans as possible… As the Afghan resistance to the Soviets and the Americans’ own revolution against our former colonial masters the British have proven, it will only be a matter of time before the U.S. occupation forces become demoralized.

The American revolutionaries were fighting for individual rights, Saddam’s remaining thugs are fighting for…

Back to quoting Rall:

Indeed, the soldiers are themselves oppressed members of America’s vast underclass. Many don’t want to be here; joining America’s mercenary army is the only way they can afford to attend university.

Because everyone knows the only way you can pay for college in America is by joining the army?

…Others, because they are poor and uneducated, do not understand that they are being used as pawns in Dick Cheney’s cynical oil war.

So why doesn’t the Left foil Cheney and open up ANWR?

…In this vein we must also take action against our own Iraqi citizens who choose to collaborate with the enemy. … If someone you know is considering taking a job with the Americans, tell him that he is engaging in treason and encourage him to seek honest work instead. If he refuses, you must kill him…

And if that doesn’t work you can always join the anti-globalization “peace” protests and throw rocks at policeman, sing Hosannas to Marx, and steal property that “rightfully” belongs to the proletariat. And after that you can complain to sympathetic CBS, NBC, and ABC reporters about how those nasty police officers hit you back with rubber bullets.

Take to heart this warning of Cuban revolutionary Ché Guevara…”The guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area…. ” If the Americans are right about us, and we enjoy no popular support, we deserve to be annihilated.

Prepare for your destruction.

Cartoons courtesy of the ever brilliant Cox and Forkum.

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