From the Daily Telegraph:

The head of the biggest university in Islam yesterday backed France’s drive to ban the Muslim headscarf in its schools, despite it being condemned by the Arab world. Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the Grand Mufti of the al-Azhar mosque in Cairo and the foremost authority in Sunni Islam, said France had the right to pass a law banning all “conspicuous” religious symbols in state schools and institutions.

Wearing the headscarf was “a divine obligation for all Muslim women” that no governing Muslim could deny, he said in a joint press conference with Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s interior minister. But, he added, that obligation only applied “if the woman lives in a Muslim country”. He quoted verses from the Koran stipulating that any Muslim who conforms to the laws of a non-Muslim country need not fear divine punishment. Until yesterday the sheikh had remained silent over the issue, describing it as “an internal French affair”.

These people have such contempt for freedom that they support tyranny even when it’s directed at them. But that’s not really news–they’ve been supporting Arab tyrants all this time.

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