From the Taipei Times:

President Chen Shui-bian has detailed the arsenal of Chinese missiles targeting Taiwan in his latest move to build a case for a contentious sovereignty vote next year. Chen said late Sunday it was the first time he had specified the location of bases within 600km holding 496 ballistic missiles pointed at Taiwan. The move is likely to inflame already tense relations with Beijing. His latest comments, at an election rally, have already prompted criticism from the opposition camp, which claimed he had leaked military secrets…

…”And they often held war games threatening to attack Taiwan … this is the ongoing threat toward Taiwan,” Chen said while addressing a group of supporters. Chen said he could not work out why Taiwan had to accept an imposed political design of “one country, two systems” or face an invasion.

…Commenting on Lin Yu-fan’s criticism, James Huang, a Presidential Office spokesman, said yesterday that what Chen had revealed was China’s national secrets, not Taiwan’s. [December 02, 2003]

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