The E.U. opposes the death penalty for man responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children–and tortured even more. But, at the same time their intellectuals oppose “Eurocentrism”–Americans “imposing” Western values on relatively primitive cultures. It is time at last to put the false doctrine of “multiculturalism” to good rhetorical use by allowing the Iraqis to stone Saddam to death.

Comments Thomas Sowell in “What Should Be Done With Saddam Hussein?”:

Since stoning people to death is a tradition in parts of the Middle East, that might be the most appropriate way to execute Saddam Hussein. If each relative of someone murdered by Saddam were allowed to throw a stone, the line might stretch back for miles. Television pictures of that line, broadcast throughout the Arab world, could completely undermine any notion that this is just an American vendetta against Moslems.

Presiding over a matter of this magnitude and applying traditional laws and practices could help establish the credibility of the new Iraqi authorities. To our inevitable critics in Europe and elsewhere, we could say: “This is not the American way of doing things. But this is the Iraqis’ country.”

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