A letter from Ed Thompson on progressive education:

“Progressive education” is a term calculated to mislead–who would oppose progress? But it is in fact regressive, designed to thwart cognitive development in favor of a group mentality, creating followers rather than leaders. It instills collectivism rather than individualism, pragmatism rather than standards or principles, range-of-the-moment thinking rather than objective, goal-oriented activity.

Man is the only species in nature capable of willfully crippling its young. Progressive education clips the wings of the fledgling mind before it leaves the nest, leaving its victims ill prepared for adulthood. It’s not that Johnny can’t read; it’s that he cannot think effectively. It is no coincidence that multiculturalism, the misplaced notion that all cultures are equal, has gained a widespread following; it follows from progressive education. Only a society that has learned that there are no standards can disregard the differences between Western societies and primitive ones, e.g., the difference between Beethoven and a primitive drum. The same holds for political correctness, environmentalism, et al.

Most individuals are too benevolent to conceive of such a perverse program–hence, its success over the past 75 years. [Daily Sun]

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