Barbara Amiel, from before Thanksgiving:

The atmosphere [at the UN’s Third Committee] remained clubby and cordial as the Ambassador of Israel came to the microphone to present a resolution on behalf of Israeli children….He mentioned the deliberate bombing of discos, pizza parlours and school buses, almost exclusively used by children. When he finished, the session chairman did not ask the names of co-sponsors for the Israeli resolution. Because there were none. A discussion followed. The Syrian delegate strenuously opposed assistance of Israeli children and said the resolution was procedurally wrong. The Palestinian Authority’s lady complained that the Israelis had “copied” their resolution. The situation of Palestinian children was “unique” she said–which it may well be, since most children of the world are not used as human shields for terrorist camps or encouraged to be suicide bombers so their pictures can be put up in grocery stores as “martyrs.” [UK Telegraph, Nov 17, 2003]

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