From Yahoo News:

BEIJING – A Chinese court sentenced a hotel worker and a prostitute to life in prison on Wednesday for organizing a three-day-long sex party for Japanese tourists — a case that outraged Chinese and reignited anger over Japan’s wartime conduct. All 14 of those convicted in the sex party case by the Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court were Chinese citizens….Prostitution, though illegal, is common in China and often practiced openly in tourist hotels in major cities….The public and nonessential employees were barred from the courthouse by officials who cited privacy concerns. [“China Sentences Two to Life for Sex Party “]

It also appears that Red China wants Japan to extradite Japanese construction workers who “clearly requested sexual services.” Japan has so far refused. To which an appeaser might ask: why can’t Japan be more accomodating like Christian conservative Pat Robertson?

As the AP release appeared the best that a UK Guardian editorialist with a “nostalgia for the political climate” when “capitalist-style growth was regarded as political poison” can do is whine about the fact that China’s growth is not moving along “green” lines as the bicycle has been replaced by the evil car.

Meanwhile innocent individuals who violated the rights of no one sit in prison after being railroaded under kangaroo law proceedings.

Recommended Reading: George W. Bush’s Unprincipled Foreign Policy Against Taiwan by Allen Forkum
How good can it be when President Bush and the Communist dictatorship of China share the same negative view of another nation’s desire to be free from the threat of tyranny?

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