From the UK’s Guardian:

The Cuban authorities have launched an inquiry into how the official newspaper of the Communist party ran a front page photograph of Fidel Castro which appeared to have been doctored to make him look like Adolf Hitler. When the edition of Granma hit the streets this month party officials began to retrieve as many copies as they could, an operation which appears to have deterred foreign journalists based on the island from reporting the story.

Or, perhaps they did not report the story because they did not want to get kicked off the island Saddam style. (The UK Guardian wisely did not disclose the name of their “Special correspondent.”)

…Close examination of the photograph shows that the image of the Cuban leader has been subtly altered to make him look like the Nazi leader. Underneath banners proclaiming Cuba’s opposition to war and terrorism, President Castro is seen in full military uniform, but the world’s most famous beard has been replaced by history’s most striking moustache, while his grey hair now has the faint hint of a black comb-over. [“Castro as Hitler on Cuban front page sparks hunt for mystery satirist“, December 30, 2003]

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