From Yahoo News [“Arabs share little of world joy over Saddam’s capture”]:

Though officials in Kuwait hailed the arrest of the dictator who ordered the invasion of their emirate in 1990, those in other Arab states were subdued…

Perhaps worrying that they–who are dictators–might be next?

Many people in the streets of Cairo and Beirut openly cursed a victory for a United States they see as an arrogant and unjust power, while some even refused to believe their eyes and ears.

Refusing “to believe their eyes and ears”–i.e. rejecting the facts–is the only way that the principled support of freedom becomes “arrogance”, retaliation against a genocidal maniac becomes “injustice”, unsettling the status quo of appeasement of dictatorships becomes “unsettling world peace”, and suicide bombers of innocent children become “freedom fighters.”

…Eyes riveted to the television screen in a Cairo coffee shop, customers worried about this “American victory” and feared it would ensure the re-election of President George W. Bush next year…

Obviously Dean backers.

…Mustafa Bakri, the pro-Saddam editor in chief of the independent Egyptian weekly Al-Osbou, said on the television: “It’s a black day in the history of the Arabs. It’s a humiliation.”

Only for Saddam Hussein and those Arabs–and “Old” Europeans, Chinese, Russians, CNN and BBC reporters, etc.–who supported him. For those Arabs who actually support freedom it is a day to rejoice–another dictator is effectively dead.

…”It’s Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, Aznar and Sharon who should be put on trial,” said Bakri, who organized several solidarity trips from Cairo to Baghdad before US troops invaded in March.

Have you considered bringing this up with the Hague? (The Hague–the so-called European “world” kangaroo court–would even guarantee not to kill Saddam. Now as for George W. Bush…)

…In Beirut, Doha Shams, a journalist with the leftist newspaper As-Safir, said: “It’s great to be finished with Saddam but when will Bush’s turn come? He is threatening world peace.”

How did he do this? By allieing himself with over 50 plus countries and capturing the Butcher of Baghdad?

…”Thank God that he has been captured alive, so he can be tried for the heinous crimes he has committed” against the Iraqi and Kuwaiti peoples, said [Kuwaiti Information Minister Mohammed Abulhassan], who was Kuwait’s UN representative at the time of the invasion.

No thank the American Armed forces.

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