From BBC: “UN Votes Against US Cuba Embargo“:

The embargo has been in place for more than 40 years The United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly for an end to the United States’ 40-year-old economic embargo against Cuba. The vote marks the 12th consecutive year that the assembly has called for an end to the blockade. Only three nations voted against the motion – the US, Israel and the Marshall Islands. Two others abstained. […] “The blockade is a cruel and absurd policy that finds no support within or outside the United States,” Cuban Foreign Minister Perez Roque said.

Clearly Israel–someone who the dictatorship loaded UN consistently votes against–is not outside the United States.

“The crime being committed against Cuba today could very well be committed against any other country tomorrow.”

And what crime is that? Failing to sanction and financially support a thug and murderer? What about the crime of Castro enslaving Cubans under communism? Observe the hypocrisy here:

 “Cuba’s foreign minister cried victory Friday after the U.N. Human Rights Commission voted against condemning his country’s recent crackdown on dissidents….The top United Nation rights watchdog rejected a proposed resolution criticizing Cuba’s recent moves against opponents, instead approving a milder resolution Thursday calling for a U.N. rights monitor to visit the island. “The unquestionable majority vote is a clear signal from the Human Rights Commission that Cuba has the right to apply its own laws,” [Cuban Foreign Minister] Perez Roque told a news conference. “We express our profound satisfaction.” Earlier this month, Cuban tribunals sentenced 75 dissidents to prison terms ranging from 6 to 28 years on charges they were mercenaries working with the American government to harm the island’s socialist system…Perez Roque said his country would not comply with the milder resolution, which urged Cuba to accept a visit by U.N. human rights investigator, French jurist Christine Chanet. [AP, April 2003]

Remember who is in charge of the so-called UN “Human Rights” Commission: Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi. The U.N. Inhuman Joke Commission would be more apropos.

Quoting from “Isn’t the U.S. embargo of Cuba the cause of Cuba’s economic woes?“:

As wealthy as Americans are, is the United States the only country in the world that has wealth? The fact is all the countries in Europe, South America, Asia, etc. have trade relations with Cuba. So the real question is: why isn’t Cuba rich from its trade with all these other countries?

The reason why Cuba is so poor is that the right to life — the moral-political basis of a free market — and all the corollaries of that right (liberty, property, speech, etc.) do not legally exist in Cuba. In Cuba there is no private property, no private employers (the only employer is the state), and the only honest way to support oneself in Cuba is in the ‘black market.’

Perhaps, the real reason that American Leftists want the U.S. to establish normal relations with Cuba is that once we do so, they can further bleed Americans taxpayers dry to support the Castro regime, as they do to support other bankrupt, socialist regimes in other countries.

To send money to Cuba will only further enrich Castro, as all foreign funds invested there do now (since foreign investors don’t pay Cubans, but pay the Castro regime, from which the actual workers only receive a miniscule portion). It is the looters in these foreign countries, ready to “profit” from slave labor, that prop up and empower the Castro regime. It is they along with Dictator Fidel Castro who should be condemned. 

It is Cuba’s absolute socialist system–the hallmark of totalitarianism–that should be condemned–not the U.S. embargo.

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