James Taranto points out that librarians are all against restricting “offensive” speech through the use of porn filters, but then again there are some people whose “offensive” views even they won’t allow in their libraries:

It seems that a local charity asked Addie Ciannella, the head public librarian in Haverford Township, Pa., to put what she characterizes as a “symbol” on display in the library. She nixed the idea on the ground that the symbol might offend some people. Here’s her explanation, in a letter to library trustees quoted by columnist Gil Spencer:

“It was a rather awkward situation” but she didn’t feel as if she had much of a choice given her “professional opinion” which is “the library (any public library) is a place for all people of all beliefs, backgrounds, etc. Symbols can send a message of unwelcome philosophical orientation, expectations of others, and can produce ill will and even fear. I know we are an adjunct of the government but we are not the (township) or county or other government….” [Daily Times]

And what was this symbol that was so threatening to certain Haverfordians that it could not be displayed at the library? The American flag.

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