From Cox and Forkum:

From FoxNews yesterday: Report: Suicide Drivers Were Turks.

Picking through the rubble at one of the synagogues, searchers Monday found the remains of an 85-year-old Jewish woman, whose 8-year-old granddaughter also was killed in the blast. Some analysts believe Saturday’s attacks were meant as a warning to Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government against continuing close relations with Israel and the West. Turkey, a predominantly Muslim nation and NATO member, has close relations with Israel, including joint military exercises. Israeli has also helped modernize Turkey’s military equipment.

Also: Report: Al Qaeda Behind Synagogue Bombings

The Sunday e-mail from al-Ablaj warned that attacks will be carried out against Japan, which was to send troops to Iraq but decided not to after the Italian bombing. It promised more attacks on other targets associated with Israel and the United States. “The attacks against Jews and America will follow. Let America and Israel cry for their dead from today and the destruction that they will suffer,” his e-mail said. There was no way to independently confirm the authenticity of either claim of responsibility.

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