From Cox and Forkum:

Question to ponder: It is reported that over 100,000 bodies in the U.K. protested against George W. Bush–who freed the Iraqis’ from the Middle East’s version of Hitler/Stalin. Now why didn’t those same bodies organize similar sized “protests” against other visitors to the UK, like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, China’s Jiang Zemin, Syria’s Asaad, or the host of other real dictators?

  • Answer to Bush’s Question Peaceniks hate capitalism and freedom more than they do terrorism and dictatorship.

  • Smashing Windows for Peace The goal of the protestors is to impose their anti-war tirades on a public that does not agree with them, and to do so by forcibly disrupting the lives of commuters, office workers, government officials and political opponents.

  • They Hate Us, Too The hostility of the “anti-war” protestors is not toward war, nor even toward war with Iraq–but toward America and its philosophy of individualism.
  • Thinking it Alone: U.S. Must Reject the Evil Doctrine of “Multilateralism” Military decisions are decisions about life and death–about what should be done to protect us from enemies who seek our destruction. If our leaders are to fulfill their obligation to defend our country, they must–starting with Iraq–reject the poison of “multilateralism” and replace it with the virtue of independent, rational judgment.

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