The Daily Pennsylvanian reports on Professor Yaron Brook’s talk “Why We Are Losing the War on Terrorism”:

“The war in Iraq has done nothing to quell terrorism,” Brook said. “We must grind [terrorists] to dust until victory is achieved.” Since 9/11, Brook has been advocating a more aggressive American response to terrorism

…he explained that the U.S. has not eradicated terrorism because it has not been sufficiently brutal. He asserted that the U.S. response must target not individual terrorists, but rather, must fight against militant Islam and the states that sponsor it. “Our enemy is not terrorism,” Brook said. “Our enemy is militant Islam. To stop them, we must kill or capture their leaders — military and spiritual. The states that support militant Islam must be the first targets.”

…He also indicated that he would not preclude the use of nuclear weapons in the United States’ current war. “War is about destroying the enemy,” Brook said. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win, and I would not rule out nuclear weapons.”

…”The talk was excellent,” Drexel student Andrew Sternberg said. “He made me see things much more clearly and helped me realize that there’s an alternative to the liberal anti-war ideas.” [Daily Pennsylvanian, “Speaker: U.S. Not aggressive enough”, November 07, 2003]

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