From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, October 24, 2003:

UNLV students had a tough time grabbing a copy of the Rebel Yell before class Thursday morning. About 30 distribution stands for the campus newspaper were wiped out of the latest edition. The copies were tossed into several garbage bags and left in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas amphitheater, covered with a sheet that read, “Rebel Yell Wake Up.” …Student columnist Alexander Marriott is not surprised. …He has been compared to Adolf Hitler and accused of supporting “genocide, rape and slavery.” …The comments came in response to Marriott’s opinion piece, “Christopher Columbus, we salute you.”… [“COLUMN BACKLASH: Outrage aimed at UNLV paper“]

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, October 23, 2003:

[Alexander Marriott] was fired Monday following allegations he plagiarized his Sept. 29 column…Judkins said Marriott’s column, “Christopher Columbus, we salute you,” mirrors a 2002 Capitalism Magazine article, “Did Christopher Columbus Discover America?” written by Michael Berliner

…Berliner said when he read Marriott’s column in the Review-Journal, re-printed in the Oct. 12 opinion pages, he had no problem with the content. “It never struck me that it was plagiarism,” he said. Berliner said no one from the Rebel Yell staff ever contacted him before or after firing Marriott. A former professor for 15 years at California State University, Northridge, he said he has graded enough essays to spot plagiarism. Berliner said he and Marriott seem to have similar beliefs, but different writing styles…Berliner said he sent an e-mail to Rebel Yell opinion editor Irene Marquette suggesting Marriott was fired for something other than plagiarism.

…Judkins said she reached her decision to fire Marriott after showing the printed version of the column to two UNLV professors, who compared it to Berliner’s article. One was Cathy Scott, a part-time journalism instructor at UNLV. Judkins said she could not recall the name of the other professor who believed Marriott plagiarized. Scott, who has no official connection to the Rebel Yell, said several sentences seemed to be taken directly from Berliner, and the overall writing seemed too advanced for a college student… [“UNLV Rebel Yell columnist accused of plagiarism, fired“]

(This unnamed professor could be “English prof Jane Hafen” according to Las Vegas Review-Journal editorialist Thomas Mitchell, who was told that Hafen was an “instigator of the plagiarism charge.”)

Here are some letters defending Alex.

From the Rebel Yell, November 5th, 2003:

A column by Rebel Yell columnist Alexander Marriott on Sept. 29 entitled “Christopher Colombus, We Salute You” was not plagiarized. Mr. Marriott has been reinstated to his position as staff columnist on the Rebel Yell. We apologize to Mr. Marriott for all inaccurate characterizations of his writing.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 06, 2003:

UNLV’s student newspaper has apologized to newly reinstated columnist Alexander Marriott for its allegation that he committed plagiarism. The retraction, apology and notice of Marriott’s reinstatement to the Rebel Yell was printed Wednesday. “We apologize to Mr. Marriott for all inaccurate characterizations of his writing,” the statement reads…Berliner, an editor at the Ayn Rand Institute in California and a former professor, did not believe his work was appropriated by Marriott. Neither did Gary Peck, executive director of the ACLU of Nevada. The student newspaper’s faculty adviser, Mary Hausch, also questioned the allegation. Judkins resigned last week. [“UNLV writer accepts apology from Rebel Yell“]

Writes Megan Lee in the Rebel Yell:

The overall attitude that I have found on this campus consists of a few basic principles. Mostly it is multiculturalism to a ridiculous extent, a very biased denial of the validity or importance of any invention, discovery or idea founded by someone who was not a female or a minority, and the quick silencing of anyone who thinks differently. These attitudes are not conducive to a freethinking university and in my opinion are contradictory to themselves. How can it be that all thoughts are considered to have merit, except for those that differ from a vastly, dare I say, left wing prejudice? We are so concerned about what is politically correct that we do not care what is correct or fair any longer…What kind of a society have we become if in the middle of a university-the place where all things are supposed to be questioned and all thought is supposed to be free-all opposing opinions or conservative voices can be silenced simply because they do not agree with the status quo?

…It’s time that the student body understood that stifling the ideas of others makes them no better than their opinion of the man that Mr. Marriott originally thanked. And so, Alexander Marriott, though I have never met you, I salute you for bringing to the surface a problem that has been plaguing our university. I only hope that others who have been bullied, shouted and threatened to silence will once again be able to find their voice and bring back the diversity that makes us a forum for free thought.

Alexander Marriott also writes for Capitalism Magazine.

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