From the UK Telegraph:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, yesterday urged America to recognize that terrorists can “have serious moral goals”. He said that while terrorism must always be condemned, it was wrong to assume its perpetrators were devoid of political rationality. “It is possible to use unspeakably wicked means to pursue an aim that is shared by those who would not dream of acting in the same way, an aim that is intelligible or desirable.” He said that in ignoring this, in its criticism of al-Qa’eda, America “loses the power of self-criticism and becomes trapped in a self-referential morality.”

I.e., “everybody is right, by his own standards.” Whether the standards are based in reality or not, whether they are honest or not, is irrelevant to people like the Archbishop–who by the fact that they don’t care about reality, condemn themselves as dishonest. And what are these goals that Al Qaeda shares with “those who would not dream of acting in the same way”? The imposition of a theocracy and the subjugation of the Jews, perhaps?

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