OK, so I should let the Schwarzenegger thing drop, but Mark Steyn’s always so much fun when he’s poking at the hypocrisies of the left:

On the CNN Web site, even after Gray Davis had conceded, they were sticking to the loser’s talking-points:

”Schwarzenegger, who, like Hitler, is a native of Austria . . .”

CNN? Oh, that’s that network with Larry King, who, like the Son of Sam, is a native of Brooklyn. Used to be owned by Ted Turner, who, like the Cincinnati Strangler, is a native of Cincinnati. Now part of Time Warner, founded by the Warner Brothers, the oldest of whom, Harry Warner, like many Auschwitz guards, was a native of Poland….

Before Election Day, the official line was that the recall was part of a pattern of hardline Republican subversion of the democratic process, going back through the Florida recount to the Clinton impeachment. In an about-turn so fast poor old DNC honcho Terry McAuliffe must have gotten whiplash, the new line was that the recall reflected a voter anger against incumbents that would spell disaster for Bush next year….

The two Republican candidates — Schwarzenegger and Tom McClintock — pulled 62 percent of the vote between them; the Democrat, Cruz Bustamante, got 31.7 percent…. Just to recap: Republicans 62 percent, Democrats 31.7 percent — in the most liberal state in the nation. As long as all those angry voters keep expressing their anger by voting for Republicans over Democrats by two to one, I think I can live with it.

There’s also amazing article by Jill Stewart relating how the LA Times warped the news to try to defeat Schwarzenegger– to the point that the Times apparently leaked its “groping” story to the Democrats before publication. 24 reporters devoted to digging up dirt on Schwarzenegger, and no interest whatever in investigating the rumors of Gray Davis’ violent fits.

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