From Cox and Forkum:

From FoxNews: Bush to Ask U.N. for Cooperation in Iraq.

“I will make it clear that I made the right decision, and the others that joined us made the right decision. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein,” Bush said in the interview taped Sunday in the Oval Office.

As we’ve said before, though the U.S. may in fact need help in Iraq, President Bush is wrong to try to deal with the U.N., an organizations whose primary goal is to prop up and legitimize dictatorships at the expense of America.

The U.N. is Evil is a Web site dedicated to compiling op-eds detailing the U.N.’s systematic assault on individual rights, the sovereignty of free nations, and the rule of law.

An op-ed from by Robert Tracinski sums it up nicely: America Should Withdraw From The United Nations and Let It Collapse:

Yes, there is a value to cooperating with other nations — but only with free nations who share a commitment to standing up against the threats of terrorism and dictatorship. Any time free nations agree to subordinate themselves to a collective consensus with hostile dictatorships, it is only the free nations that lose — and it is only the dictatorships that gain. Indeed, the dictatorships run the United Nations. Within weeks of September 11, terrorist-sponsor Syria was invited to chair the United Nations’ Security Council. Iraq and Iran are scheduled to trade chairmanship of its disarmament committee, while Libya is set to chair its human rights commission.

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