From David Holcberg at the Ayn Rand Institute:

The Jerusalem Post’s editorial calling for killing–not expelling–Arafat is right on target, even if years too late. Arafat has been a terrorist murderer for decades and deserves exactly the same fate as bin Laden deserves.

While there has been no shortage of excuses and rationalizations to leave Arafat alone, the fact remains that no solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is possible with Arafat alive. Exiling him would be a mockery of justice and would not stop him from inciting further terrorism against Israel.

Taking him out would not only advance the prospects for peace in the region but would show to every Palestinian terrorist that Israel means business and that the days of moral cowardice and appeasement towards its enemies are over; it would show that Israel will no longer cave in to “world opinion” or to pressure from American presidents.

It is a shame that the Sharon and the Bush Administrations have still not decided to kill the murderer. As long as they remain oblivious to the need to carry out justice, the blood of innocent Israelis will not stop flowing.

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