From David Holcberg at the Ayn Rand Institute:

After listening to the debate between the Democratic presidential candidates, one conclusion is inescapable: they couldn’t care less about America’s security.

If they did, they would have criticized Bush–not for attacking Iraq, but for not also attacking Saudi Arabia and Iran. Not for failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but for failing to identify militant Islam as our ideological enemy. Not for going to war against the wishes of the United Nations, but for even considering U.N. approval. Not for spending too much on the war on terror, but for spending too little. Not for failing to prevent the September 11 terrorist attacks, but for failing to act forcefully enough to prevent the next ones.

But if Democrats changed their rhetoric and criticized Bush for all the above they would have to embrace self-interest as the basis for American foreign policy. But then they wouldn’t be proper leftists, would they?

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