From Cox and Forkum:

Earlier this week, the Bush Administration put forth a U.N. resolution that would grant more authority to the U.N. in Iraq. A key component is to “transform the U.S.-led coalition force into a U.N.-authorized multinational one under a unified command, with an American officer in charge. The force would be required to submit periodic reports to the [U.N. Security] Council.” Secretary of State Colin Powell described the effort as “essentially putting the Security Council in the game.”

It must be kept in mind the United Nations is composed of an number of dictatorships, one of which — Syria — has a seat on the Security Council. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumself stated just yesterday that many of the foreign fighters in Iraq are from Syria.

As opponents of the war in Iraq, France and Germany naturally welcomed America’s willingness to submit to U.N. authority but quickly added that the resolution didn’t go far enough.

The top U.S. commander in Iraq announced yesterday that the U.S. needs more help in Iraq. But the Bush Administration is making a terrible mistake seeking that help from those who are united against America pursuing its own interests.

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