From Edwin A. Locke of the Ayn Rand Institute:

For decades liberals have been telling everyone that they should be more race conscious. They have convinced the government and even the Supreme Court to not only allow but to force businesses and universities to select employees and college students according to racial criteria. The unsurprising result has been that everyone has become more racist. The latest consequence of this focus on race is that now blacks are being accused in EEOC cases of being racist towards other blacks based on the particular shade of their blackness–those with lighter skin color considering themselves superior to those with darker skin!

When will all this absurdity stop? Only when people, with the government’s blessing, begin to treat people as individuals. What counts is not our skin color but our character. Character is determined not by our pigmentation genes but by the choices we make in life. The only cure for racism is individualism: the doctrine that each individual is a being of self-made soul and is to be judged accordingly, regardless of race, color or nationality.

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