From David Holcberg at the Ayn Rand Institute:

While President Bush was right to criticize the Palestinian Authority for not acting against terrorism directed at Israel, he should be ashamed of criticizing Israel for building a security fence.

Note the absurdity of the criticism’s moral equivalence: while the Palestinian Authority does absolutely nothing to stop terrorists from organizing, training and slipping into Israel to murder and maim, Israel is criticized for building a fence to protect itself from such attacks!

Such criticism is no different, in principle, than criticism directed against a man who builds a fence to protect his family from criminal neighbors.

President Bush’s misguided criticism implies a moral equivalence between those who act in self-defense and the terrorists who initiate violence against them, and it can have only one result: to facilitate the terrorists’ attacks while undermining their victims’ ability to defend themselves.

Recommended Reading:

  • Israel Has A Moral Right To Its Life by Yaron Brook
    Morally and militarily, Israel is America’s frontline in the war on terrorism. If America is swayed by Arafat’s latest empty rhetoric, and allows him to continue threatening Israel, our own campaign against terrorism becomes sheer hypocrisy and will, ultimately, fail.
  • Bush’s Vision For Peace for the Middle East: A Prelude To War by Onkar Ghate
    As Israel reenters the West Bank in another attempt to drive out the terrorists, President Bush offers his vision for peace in the Middle East. Israel, he says, should withdraw to its pre-1967 borders and the Palestinians (under “new leadership”) should be awarded a state. Tragically but inevitably, Bush’s proposal, like the many “peace” plans before it, will bring, not peace, but more war.
  • Israel or the Palestinians? Making the Moral Choice by Wayne Dunn
    Israel is doing what a free nation’s government is supposed to do when its citizens’ lives are threatened with force: it’s responding with force.
  • Moral Inversion in the Middle East by David Holcberg
    When the Israelis found themselves being attacked by groups of children and youngsters, and by adult snipers and shooters hiding behind them, they had no other recourse but to defend themselves and shoot back.

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