Are Colin Powell and Richard Armitage going to leave office if George W. Bush serves a second term, as reported in the Washington Post today?

Couldn’t happen soon enough. Here’s Powell’s most recent quote about North Korea:

Powell was asked about Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz’s comment in early summer that Kim’s administration was “teetering on the edge of economic collapse.” Wolfowitz said that could be used as “a major point of leverage” against Kim.

“I don’t have a basis for saying there is an imminent collapse,” Powell said in the interview, which the State Department made public Sunday.

“Right now there is a government there. It’s been there for a lot of decades, and that’s what I have to deal with,” Powell said. “What the situation would be following a catastrophic collapse, I don’t really know. I don’t think it’s anything that any of North Korea’s neighbors at the moment wish to see.” [AP, August 4]

Anyone with any principles would say that if North Korea’s neighbors wish to keep it in slavery for their own convenience, then to hell with them. Powell is a disgrace.

And so is Bush, who keeps supporting him:

“The president thinks he is doing an outstanding job and appreciates the job that he is doing,” Press Secretary Scott McClellan said. “The president looks forward to Secretary Powell continuing to work with him in our foreign policy realm.” [AP]

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