From David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute:

In response to Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas’s demand for the release of every single one of the thousands of Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails, President Bush replied: “Surely, nobody wants to let a cold-blooded killer out of prison that would help derail the process” and “engage in terror attacks.”

But clearly Abbas’s demand–and Palestinian popular support for it–is incontrovertible evidence that the Palestinian leadership–and the great majority of Palestinians–want exactly what president Bush said nobody wants: to free all imprisoned terrorists so they can resume murdering Jews.

If President Bush believes that evading reality is practical–that a man demanding the release of terrorists is an honest partner for peace–he needs to do some hard thinking. Bush said: “I fully understand the prime minister’s desire, I fully understand his request.”

Do you Mr. President?

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