From Scott McConnell at the Ayn Rand Institute:

Where are they all?

The placard-waving throngs of former hippies; Jesse Jackson pretentiously speechifying to foreign multitudes; Jimmy Carter pontificating to Larry King–all those peaceniks protesting the deaths of Iraqi civilians?

Where are they now that they are really needed–to support and defend the Iranians rising up to shake off the shackles of dictatorship?

The Iranian people are oppressed by the Mullahs like the Iraqis were oppressed by Saddam Hussein. They have lost their right to free speech, free movement and assembly, freedom of (or from) religion, and the freedom to live their lives by their own freely chosen values, not those of their rulers.

Could it be that these alleged peace protestors were really demonstrating, not for Iraqis and their rights, but against America?

Is that why they are not supporting the Iranian people (or the Venezuelans or Zimbabweans for that matter)–because the U.S. government is (albeit timidly) on the side of these freedom yearning people?

Anyone who truly values individual rights should be cheering and supporting those brave Iranians who want and deserve something very moral and simple: freedom.

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