Excerpts from a letter by Robert S. McAdam, Wal-Mart Vice President, State and Local Government Relations, published in the SF Chronicle

…The Contra Costa [County] Board of Supervisors recently passed a law prohibiting Wal- Mart Supercenters. Union leaders, the mainstay of campaign funding for elected officials, were at the forefront of this effort….

…The real reason union leaders want to stop Wal-Mart is because we represent a threat to their political and economic power. If Wal-Mart continues to provide good jobs while lowering the cost of products for the average family, the role of union leaders would be severely diminished.

The issue is choice. It is a value that we believe most citizens embrace. Union leaders don’t want people to have shopping choices, don’t want voters to decide and don’t want to let people pay less for groceries.

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