From Scott A. McConnell of the Ayn Rand Institute:

After a meeting this Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President Bush called on Arab states “to reject the culture of extremism and violence” that is a fundamental cause of terrorism. Unfortunately, the president’s call will fall on deaf ears.

Palestinian culture is a culture of death. In this culture it is considered proper and moral to dress children in the garb of suicide bombers, to idolize those who kill themselves in the process of murdering women and children, to teach in school that Jews are evil and must be swept into the sea, and to govern through economic and political corruption, and through torture and murder. Palestinian culture is irrational and dangerous and not open to reason.

Israel, like any free state, has the right, if attacked, to destroy such an enemy. The blame for the violence rests not with the culture of life defending itself but with those death seekers who believe only in destruction. When will Americans and their media get it?

Recommended Reading:

  • Israel Has A Moral Right To Its Life by Yaron Brook
    Morally and militarily, Israel is America’s frontline in the war on terrorism. If America is swayed by Arafat’s latest empty rhetoric, and allows him to continue threatening Israel, our own campaign against terrorism becomes sheer hypocrisy and will, ultimately, fail.
  • The Purpose of a Palestinian State by David Harsanyi
    “There is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians and Lebanese; we are all members of the same nation. Solely for political reasons are we careful to stress our identity as Palestinians. Since a separate State of Palestine would be an extra weapon in Arab hands to fight Zionism with.”
  • Allowing Israel to Destroy the PLO Helps Defend the U.S. by Andrew Bernstein
    For several compelling reasons the United States must desist from restraining Israel. The destruction of the PLO will weaken terrorists who hate the United States. It will strengthen Israel, our sole ally in the area, who will no longer have to live under the daily threat of terrorism.
  • Israel or the Palestinians? Making the Moral Choice by Wayne Dunn
    Israel is doing what a free nation’s government is supposed to do when its citizens’ lives are threatened with force: it’s responding with force.
  • Moral Inversion in the Middle East by David Holcberg
    When the Israelis found themselves being attacked by groups of children and youngsters, and by adult snipers and shooters hiding behind them, they had no other recourse but to defend themselves and shoot back.

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