From Yahoo News:

[A] groundbreaking poll, by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, showed only 10 percent of respondents questioned in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan and Lebanon would wish to rebuild their homes under Israeli rule….

“The refugees who didn’t choose to return to 1948 lands … know that life in Israel means Israeli citizenship, Israeli laws, and an Israeli social environment,” the center’s head, Khalil Shikaki, told The Associated Press.

When Shikaki called a news conference to present his findings, about 200 Palestinian refugee activists stormed his Ramallah office Sunday, smashing furniture, throwing eggs and assaulting Shikaki and some other center staff.

“We are here to announce that our right of return is a sacred right,” said a leaflet distributed by the protesters. “We will resist any attempt to sabotage our right of return.” [July 14, 2003]

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