From a letter by Edwin Thompson’s in today’s New York Sun, regarding architect Daniel Libeskind:

Governor Pataki would be well advised to reconsider his support for Daniel Libeskind [“Pataki Backs Libeskind on Tower,” page 1, July 22]. Mr. Libeskind has actually built few projects, none of them office buildings or in any way comparable to the proposed World Trade Center. A Times of London reviewer called his modernist British Museum “a disaster for the Victoria and Albert in particular and for civilization in general.”His WTC design was not overly popular, either. During last year’s LMDC survey, more respondents chose “none of the above” than either the Libeskind (25%) or Think (33%) designs.

One might acquire a sense of the man by pondering the following quotation from a collection of poetry that he wrote, Fishing From the Pavement:

“America turns its mass-produced urine antennae toward Caesar’s arrogant ganglion, while history is advocated by utopians as a substitute for defecating.”

This is not the sort of individual we want associated with what will be a premier American landmark.

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