From Edwin A. Locke of the of the Ayn Rand Institute on:

The lawyers who claim that we are not responsible for the consequences of anything we do (e.g., smoking) are at it again. In a meeting in Boston two weeks ago, they decided to attack the food and restaurant industry. For what crime? For selling food that contains calories.

These lawyers are initiating lawsuits claiming that overweight people were not aware of the alleged dangers of eating fatty foods. If people are not aware that eating fatty foods in large quantities contributes to making them fat and may cause them health problems–something that has been publicized in the media virtually everyday for decades–then what are they aware of? These “victim” lawyers are not just claiming that people are not responsible for what they eat–they are claiming that people are not responsible for being conscious! If people are not responsible for being aware of reality, then just what are they responsible for?

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