Writes David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute:

The United States should give its full moral support to the hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents who took to the streets this week to protest a set of “anti-subversion” laws about to be imposed on them by China.

The new laws, which would make illegal “treason, secession, sedition [and] subversion” against Beijing’s government, are designed to extend to Hong Kong the same censorship and control China imposes on individuals on the mainland. Given China’s record of considering any criticism against its government to be treason or subversion, the new laws will, in effect, abolish freedom of speech on the island.

When China took over Hong Kong in 1997, it made the empty promise to give its people 50 more years of freedom. Now it threatens them with endless oppression. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the American administration is silent, apparently unconcerned with this ominous event.

It is imperative that America protests China’s move and support the pro-freedom citizens of Hong Kong to whatever extent possible. The United States should, at a minimum, offer to take in any immigrants from Hong Kong who wish to flee China’s rule.

While it is probably too late to save Hong Kong from China’s oppression, it is never too late to speak out in defense of freedom. Not doing so means abandoning not only the people of Hong Kong, but America’s founding values.

If China succeeds in clamping down on freedom in Hong Kong, the majestic skyscrapers will remain, but the energy and vitality that created them will vanish.

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