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Bush’s Compassionate Conservatism Will Undermine the Republicans and Capitalism
What once distinguished Republicans was their commitment to limited government. The politics of “compassion,” however, is the politics of liberalism and statism. If Republicans want to secure both their future and the future of freedom in America, they must learn to stop being afraid to take a firm stand for capitalism and individual rights.

A Leap Toward Socialized Medicine — By One Vote
The President’s latest compromise makes Bush the nation’s foremost advocate of state-run health care — which, for every American, means less choice, higher costs and one huge step toward socialized medicine.

Bush Abdicates Leadership on Prescription Drugs
Bush isn’t just hurting his campaign — he’s hurting all of us by failing to take a stand against a growing government takeover of our health care.

Penny-Wise/Pound-Foolish: Bush Sanctions Democrat Spending Principles
What is the point, Republicans ask, of having control of the White House and Congress if it is just to enact Democrat big spending programs?

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