From the BBC:

” Iran has acknowledged that a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist was beaten to death after her arrest outside a prison in Tehran. Vice President Ali Abtahi said Zahra Kazemi died “of a brain haemorrhage resulting from beatings”. Ms Kazemi, 54, was detained on 23 June for taking pictures of Tehran’s Evin prison. She was later pronounced dead after falling into a coma. But officials in Tehran are still refusing to allow Canada to conduct its own investigation into the photographer’s death. “We are knowledgeable enough to examine the body and find out the cause of her death, so we will not allow foreign teams to investigate,” Health Minister Massoud Pezeshkian told the AFP news agency.”

I don’t think it is Iran’s “knowledge” that people are questioning; but, Tehran’s truthfulness. Reporters Without Borders reports that Five More Journalistes Arrested:

“We are very worried”, Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard said, “not only because fourteen journalists have been arrested by Iranian authorities within the last month — a sad record in the history of this country — but also because the five new arrests bring to twenty-two the number of journalists presently imprisoned in Iran.” [Hat Tip: Allen Forkum]

Lastly for gruesome photos of what happened to Tehran students advocating freedom click here.

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